1955 – RNZAF Navigator Sights Speeding Blue Light

Date:  April 1, 1955

Time:  19.50

Location:  vicinity of Gisborne, North Island

Aircraft:  NZ 5904

Witness:  Sgt/Navigator Ian McMurtrie


Formal Letter

R.N.Z.A.F. Station


1st April 1955

After Flight Report


I have the honour to report that while acting as navigator on NZ 5904 (Capt. F/O Cheal) on a flight cross country, which departed from Whenuapai at 19.50, I sighted an unidentified object flying on a course of 270° T, and at about 12,000’ in the vicinity of Gisborne.  We were at 9000 feet on a course of 037° T, and that whilst taking a relative bearing on Gisborne at 2135 m, I noticed a large blue light approaching from 045°REL.  There was 8/8 altostratus cloud base at about 15,000’ and the object crossed our bow at considerable speed in a flat flight path.  The Captain was adjusting the auto-pilot at the time of sighting, and by the time I had drawn his attention to the object, it had vanished towards Lake Taupo.

I have the honour to be,


Your obedient Servant

Ian McMurtrie Sgt/Nav

(Signature and Rank)

The Commanding Officer,

R.N.Z.A.F. Station,


Section Commander’s Remarks:

Low MPH.

Source:  Official RNZAF After-Flight Report document.