Two servicemen stationed on Bougainville Island, Pacific, witness a metallic object in the clouds.

RNZAF Camp UFO Sighting of 1944

Bouginville Island 1944

Date: June 1944
Time: 12.30 pm
Place: R.N.Z.A.F. Camp, Bougainville Island, Solomon Sea, South Pacific.


While serving with the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a fitter with Service Unit 10, a companion and I used to borrow the Engineering Officer’s jeep during lunch breaks to go swimming at Torokina Beach, Empress Augusta Bay.

On this occasion, we were towelling-down after our swim when my companion, then standing on my left side facing west out to sea, put an arm around my shoulder and with his left arm extended, pointed up into the sky and said, “What’s that!!”I looked up to see a huge, dark-grey, seemingly metallic bulbous mass hanging out of a large cumulus cloud mass. It moved silently, its outline fading into the misty cloud and out of sight.

Early in the 1950’s, my wife and I owned a general store in the King Country. One lunch-hour break I was listening to the B.B.C. News Direct, when an item came over saying that some B.O.A.C. pilots flying the Atlantic New York to London, had spotted several flying objects of unknown origin moving in and around their air space. This was my first knowledge of ‘UFOs’ as such. Some time later in 1953, an article in the Auckland Star newspaper mentioned the B.O.A.C. episode, but also outlined a book authored by Desmond Leslie and George Adamski, entitled ‘Flying Saucers Have Landed’. I sent for the book. On opening the book and flicking the pages through from the rear (left handed!), I noticed (opp. page 176, illust. No 10) a cigar-shaped spacecraft the author called a ‘giant carrier’, or ‘mother ship’. Later I read that these carriers could be 2 or 3 miles in length, even 5 miles…..then in a flash, my mind, or the memory, took me back to the beach at Bougainville…1944…and the huge bulbous mass disappearing into a cloud mass. It could have been a Zeppelin or R101 airship, only it appeared more like an R2001 if you get my meaning, or rather a part thereof. A part of an end. It was sudden total recall!

To this day I cannot remember the name or the look of my swimming companion of at least some weeks acquaintance, or of ever having told anyone at the time, or even later, of this sighting. I am still fascinated by this memory blank, but the sighting is as clear as a bell.Since then I have had a healthy enquiring attitude to UFOs. I have belonged to a couple of groups which I soon left after factual substance was overtaken by belief antics. I found out late in life that the belief scenario was detrimental to one’s development and a block to greater knowledge. There is a vast universe out there of which we know so little.A senior pilot whom I know very well, has experienced UFOs, but will deny his knowledge on the Bible if necessary, if I tell anyone about it. I have had 2 experiences like this.

Hope this may be of interest,
D. Morris
Bay of Plenty
New Zealand