About Us

Suzanne Hansen founded UFO Focus New Zealand Research Network (Ufocus NZ) in 2000 to contribute to the growing public interest in UFO’s and related topics. Ufocus NZ is an independent group of volunteers and does not have a membership.

Suzanne’s 45 years of research and sighting investigations began in 1975, when she experienced a stunning UFO event in Hawkes Bay, and she continued to work independently through the era of the now-famous “Kaikoura Lights” sightings and “Gisborne UFO Flap” of the late 70s.  In 1987 Suzanne began working with veteran NZ UFO researcher, the late Harvey Cooke, and in the early 2000s, in association with veteran UFO researcher Bryan Dickeson.  She has spoken at international UFO conferences/meetings, and to community groups in NZ since 1997, and networks widely with international UFO groups and individuals.

In 2000, Ufocus NZ was formed with a nationwide volunteer staff with mainly scientific and aviation skills or professions, and the organization has continued to maintain a high interest in aviation UFO sighting reports.

Ufocus NZ has taken part in international documentaries such as 60 Minutes – The Truth is out there, Korean TV, National Geographic’s Invasion Earth, History Channel’s Ancient Aliens etc, as well as radio, TV and print media articles.

Ufocus NZ strives to serve the public and fellow researchers as a research, investigation, information resource (educational), and support network.

Ufocus NZ does not represent and is not affiliated to any religion, belief system or political group.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, creed, religion, age, ancestry, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.


Ufocus NZ can be contacted by phone, email, Skype, Zoom and Messenger.  We are committed to your right to confidentiality and privacy.

All personal information, such as name, postal address, email address, communications (written or verbal) etc. submitted through this website, is strictly confidential, unless you give us permission.  Sighting reports posted on our website do not include names or contact details.  We do not provide your name or contact details to the media without permission.  Information provided by the public through this website may assist us in research, and in disseminating that information to the public in an appropriate manner.

Ufocus NZ Staff

Suzy Hansen

  • Founding Director UFOCUS NZ (2000)
  • Senior sighting investigator/researcher
  • Public relations/media spokesperson
  • Public speaker, community group talks
  • International conference lecturer
  • Archivist & website manager
  • Author

Suzanne’s interest in the UFO phenomenon was sparked when, at age 8, she and her family had their first sighting of an orange, cigar-shaped object hovering over the Bombay Hills, south of Auckland.  It was sighted by hundreds of people and was reported the next day in the national newspaper, the New Zealand Herald.  Suzanne has 45 years of experience in UFO research and sighting investigations.  She has lectured nationally and internationally at UFO conferences and groups for 23 years on NZ UFO sightings and the close encounter/contact phenomenon, and has been involved in documentaries, print media articles, lectures and interviews.

John Cordy

  • Aviation consultant
  • Public speaker/documentaries
  • Former RAF & British Air Traffic Control
  • Former Chief ATC Wellington International Airport

View John’s UFO sighting report 1954.

Article on John’s involvement in the Kaikoura Lights events

Bryan Dickeson, BA, BSc

  • Science advisor
  • Historic archivist
  • Sighting investigator/researcher
  • Author

Wally Ingram

  • Sighting investigator/researcher

Rob Fowler

  • Sighting investigator/researcher

Tim Mills

  • Sighting investigator/researcher
  • Event organizer


Graeme was a fine man, a true friend, and a highly valued colleague.

Much loved and missed at Ufocus NZ.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Graeme Ian Opie (27 Aug 1945 – 24 August 2015), our friend and colleague in Ufocus NZ for 20 years.  Graeme held a private pilot’s license and was a New Zealand Air traffic Controller for 33 years, retiring from his position as Senior Air traffic Controller at Hamilton International Airport.  In 1995 Graeme had a UFO sighting from the Hamilton control tower, which was publicized in the media.  In 2005, after 5 years of acting as an aviation consultant for Ufocus NZ , Graeme decided to officially join our team, becoming perhaps the only working ATC actively investigating UFO sightings with a civilian UFO group.  Over 20 years he appeared in many documentaries, interviews, magazine and newspaper articles for Ufocus NZ .