Advice & Info

For Witnesses Observing / Reporting a UFO / UAP Sighting

UFO = unidentified flying object

UAP = unidentified aerial phenomenon

During the sighting or event

  • We acknowledge that sighting a UFO can elicit a wide range of emotions ranging from excitement and awe, to fear and trauma, and that most people do not think logically enough in those moments to take a photograph or focus on specific details.  However, if you have a sighting lasting longer than a few fleeting seconds, here are some guidelines for observation and safety, depending of course on your proximity to the object / event.

Remain calm

  • Ensure your own safety and that of others present.
  • Focus and observe.

Get other witness observations

  • If others are present or nearby, have them confirm what you are observing.
  • Try not to not discuss the event with them until after everyone has recorded their own observations in some way.

Determine important details

  • If possible, note the exact start time of the sighting or event.
  • Keep watching the UFO / UAP.
  • Try not to move from the spot you are observing from unless you have to in order to keep the UFO / UAP in sight.  It will help you to more accurately determine the extent of the object’s movements if you are still.
  • Note any terrestrial objects in the field of view, or any activity that can help determine compass directions, direction of movement, distance and size of the UFO / UAP eg. landmarks, houses, groups of trees, hills.  Was it in the next field or further away?  Was it at tree-top height, or several hundred feet in the air?
  • A rough size of the object / light can be estimated by holding a thumb out at arms length to use as a measure.  How big was the light / object in relation to an object such as a coin, tennis ball etc.
  • Avoid looking directly at artificial lights that may distort your vision (street lights, car lights, moon).
  • Note the end time of the event and date.

Use a video camera or camera to record the event

  • Do not use ‘zoom’, as this will distort the footage, and will likely exclude important landmarks or geographical features relevant to the movements / event.
  • Do not delete any photos from a digital camera memory card, in case it is needed for analysis.  Photo negatives are required for analysis.
  • Stabilize the camera for better quality footage.
  • Try to include terrestrial objects in the frame / video (eg. telegraph poles, corner of a roof, landmarks, trees etc as this helps us to ascertain height, position etc).
  • If you do not have a visual recording device, then draw pictures / diagrams of what you saw as soon as possible after the event.

Photo / video authenticity

  • Many people today post videos or images on social media that they have taken of an alleged UFO.  Ridicule, derision and claims of Photoshop changes or CGI usually quickly follow.  If you believe you have captured a genuine image / video of a UFO, it is best to have it analyzed by a reputable photographic data analyst, who can give you details that might indicate whether it is a mundane object or a potentially unknown object.  You may learn a lot from their comments and analysis.
  • Ufocus NZ can refer you to such analysts, or send the material on your behalf.  All images / videos remain the property / copyright of the photographer who took them.

Record any close encounter

  • If you encounter any kind of non-human entity associated with the sighting, attempt to remain at a safe distance.  If possible, video or photograph.
  • Draw and write down a description of the entity as soon as possible afterwards when it is safe to do so.
  • Take photos or video of any kind of direct physical contact such as bruises, incisions, trace marks, ground marks etc.
  • Contact a doctor if you are in pain or concerned for your well-being, or that of others.
  • Contact Ufocus NZ to report your experience.

Following the sighting or event

  • Write down as many details of what you observed as soon as possible after the event, while it is still fresh and accurate in your mind.
  • This includes making any appropriate sketches, maps, drawings of objects, figures, etc.  You don’t need to be a great artist – it is all helpful.
  • Note any distinct sounds, smells, or other phenomena that may be directly associated with the event (eg. car stalling, power failure, unusual animal behaviour).
  • Record the names and contact details of any other witnesses if possible, and encourage them to submit a Sighting Report Form to us also.
  • Be objective.  Check out our ‘Reality check’ page.  Not every UFO is of extraterrestrial origin. Ufocus NZ carries out a process of logical elimination of possible causes in our investigation process.  Don’t be offended.  Report the event and we will check it out to the best of our ability.

Leave the area untouched

  • If the UFO leaves some trace of its presence, do not disturb this area and restrict access to the site if possible.
  • Photograph or video the area of the site and make notes of the position of features.
  • Take videos or photos of other kinds of evidence/objects, but do not touch it.

Report your experience

  • Immediately phone / report the event to Ufocus NZ .  Some of our investigation procedures are dependent on prompt reporting – same day is best.
  • Complete Ufocus NZ ’s General Report Form, or, if an Aviation professional Aviation Report Form and
  • Email it to us with drawings, photos etc, on attachment to:
  • Or post the completed form and accompanying drawings, footage or photos to:

Ufocus NZ,

PO Box 624,  7th Ave

Tauranga 3144

A note on our interpretation of sightings

  • We do not necessarily believe that every report received is accurate.  We may each recall an event or object differently.
  • We try to filter out hoaxes, and fabrications usually become obvious with scrutiny.
  • We can only carry out analysis given the data provided.
  • Analysis may include examination of footage etc by photographic experts.
  • We may use a range of scientific and professional assistance in the analysis of a significant sighting or event.