Audio / Visual Interviews

’60 Minutes’ documentary on New Zealand (and worldwide) UFO sightings, produced with the assistance of UFOCUS NZ staff.

Suzy Hansen, at UFO Research Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2019. ‘Contact by Design – Why We Should Take UFO Sightings Seriously’.  Part One: Voices of the Witnesses.  Part Two: Geophysical Connections to UFO sightings in New Zealand.

Suzy Hansen (NZ) and Sheryl Gottschall (AUST) talk about the events (over 4 decades ago!) that catapulted them into becoming UFO investigators/researchers.

Suzy Hansen, NZ UFO sighting investigator, is interviewed by Exopolitics Denmark. An information-packed and insightful interview.

Robert Fleischer, Exopolitics Germany, interviews Suzy Hansen, Director UFOCUS NZ, at the Denmark Exopolitics Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2015. UFOs sighting cases from New Zealand and the NZ MOD UFO Files.

Bryan Dickeson, UFOCUS NZ, veteran New Zealand UFO sighting/contact researcher, and author, talks about the mysterious NZ UFO “airship” sightings of 1909.

Dec 2010 – Aljazeera TV report on declassification and release of NZ MOD UFO Files.  UFOCUS NZ’s Suzy Hansen is interviewed.

Sept 2019 – UAP Reesearch.  Triangle UFO of Kaikoura.  Image analysis of the original Kaikoura lights footage filmed onboard the Argosy aircraft, 1978/79, by UAP Research (UAPleaks/1967sander) and team.