New Zealand UFO/UAP Sightings 2013

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The extent of our investigation and analysis of sighting reports is dependent upon the data received, and the length of time elapsed between the sighting event and the receipt of a report.  If applicable, additional comments are made at the bottom of a report.

Date: Tuesday 31 December 2013

Time: 10:30 pm

Location: Snell’s Beach, Warkworth, North Island

Features/characteristics: bright orange/red light with unusual flight characteristics


Clear starlight night, light wind. Duration of sighting approximately 3 minutes.

The witness, who is an amateur astronomer, was setting up his telescope to view the planet Jupiter, when he observed a bright orange/red light traveling slowly across the sky in a northwards direction towards Kawau Island. The object was the size of his index finger nail held at arm’s length, and was emitting a steady light with no flickering. It was the brightest object in the sky, and estimated to be 5-8 kms distant, at an angle of some 15-20 degrees above the horizon. As the witness and his wife were observing the light, it stopped, hovered, and then made a very sharp turn to the east and accelerated rapidly until out of sight. The witness was positive that it was not a lantern or firework, and was of the opinion that it was too high for an object to have been released from the ground.

Date: Wednesday 20 November 2013

Time: 8.30am

Location: Dairy Flat, Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: airborne black cube-like object


Conditions calm with patchy cloud. Clouds high up, but also on horizon. Duration of sighting one minute.

The witness was sitting in his office when he spotted a tiny black object at approximately 3,000 feet, flying away from his location in a straight line and at around a steady estimated 500mph, heading west/north west. There was no sound at any time during the sighting, and no delayed sound of a jet engine. The object was black and possibly square like a cube. The witness then went outside with his dSLR camera and took some photos, and before the object disappeared from view he saw a white glow in its centre and the glow turned orange before he lost sight of it when it disappeared into the clouds.
The witness stated that if the object was of unknown origin, it could have been some advanced military aircraft, but he reiterated that it was solid black in colour, appeared to have rear propulsion, and no sign of any wings.

Date: Saturday 16 November 2013

Time: 12 am

Location: Taihape, North Island

Features/characteristics: large orange light over rural area


Full moon, stars, clear sky. Duration of sighting approximately 10 seconds.

Two witnesses were driving, around 5 minutes travelling time east of Taihape when they saw a large stationary orange light in the sky. It appeared to be some considerable distance away from the observers, to the west of Taihape. The witnesses drove behind a hill and when the car again had a clear view of the sky, the light was no longer there.

3 reports received on 6 and 9 November from Auckland and Hastings, of orange lights, likely to have been lanterns.

Date: Wednesday 30 October 2013

Time: 12.07 am

Location: Orewa North Bridge, Orewa, Rodney, North Island

Features/characteristics: very large orb of orange light with ‘aura’ of other colours


Clear sky with bright stars. Duration of sighting approx. 5 minutes.

The witness, a rapid response security guard, was returning from the Waiwera area and was just above the Orewa North Bridge when he saw a large orange orb of light coming towards him at an estimated altitude of 1000 feet. It was moving west to east, but appeared to deviate from its path when the witness stopped his vehicle.

The light was bright orange and shaped like an egg, with the orange glow fading outwards from an intense centre, with other colours surrounding or swirling around it, predominantly red and green-blue.

The witness grabbed his binoculars and was able to see a dark shape within the glow. The light slowed as it approached the witness and moved overhead, almost hovering. As it did so, the various colours ceased, leaving only a bright orange. There was no sound whatsoever.
The light then took off at great speed in a northeasterly direction out over the sea, disappearing into the distance in ‘the blink of an eye’.

Date: Sunday 27 October 2013

Time: 10.00 pm

Location: Slipper Island, Coromandel Peninsular, North Island

Features/characteristics: airborne object with bright orange/red glow


Conditions clear, with moon and stars. Duration of sighting 30 seconds.

The witness observed the object when it flew over Slipper Island from the west and disappeared. It had a bright orange/red glow underneath it.
When he returned to camp and mentioned what he had seen, a friend told him that he had also seen the object. The witness’s friend had been on the top of a hill after returning from fishing when he spotted it coming straight at him from the west, which ‘freaked’ him out as he thought it was a plane on fire. As the object came closer he could see it was a saucer shape with a dome on top and a bright orange/red glow underneath it. The object flew straight over the top of him and was completely silent.

Date: mid October 2013

Time: 8.50pm

Location: Waiheke Island, North Island

Features/characteristics: airborne very large triangular object


Conditions clear, starry night, no wind, some high light cloud. Duration of sighting 3-4 minutes.

The witness was out walking his dog when he happened to look up and see two dull red lights, circular, both a large distance apart and moving along at exactly the same speed with exactly the same unchanging distance between them, absolutely no deviation, which the witness thought was two objects in wide formation. One was down to the left, the other up and to the right of the other one, as if they were at different points of a very large triangle. They seemed to be connected, but the witness could not clearly see what was between them; however, he could not see stars between them as seen elsewhere.
The lights were a significant distance apart, and it was only when the first light started to fade as it entered cloud that the witness realised how large the object was. This red glowing light was a distance ahead of the second light and had entered the cloud first, as if it was at the front of the object. The second dull red light could be seen for several seconds before it too entered the same cloud bank before disappearing out over the ocean, once again without any deviation in trajectory, part of the same object. The witness listened intently, but it was completely silent.

The witness put in a request to air traffic control re air traffic that night; there was a 747 cargo flight departing that night in that direction, but slightly earlier to the sighting. However, the witness is fully familiar with all types of flight traffic from Auckland Airport and is adamant that the object he saw was not a normal aircraft.

Date: Monday 19 August 2013

Time: 7.30pm to 8pm

Location: between Clinton and Gore, Southland, South Island

Features/characteristics: airborne bright white light, with 2 red lights


Conditions overcast with high cloud. Duration of sighting intermittent over half an hour.

The witness was driving between Clinton and Gore when a bright white light appeared spontaneously in the sky to her left. It was quite high, but below the overcast cloud, and had a red light on each side. These red lights were flicking on and off, but were hard to see constantly against the bright white light. The light became brighter and then stayed relatively the same, positioned in the sky to the left of the car’s windshield, as if keeping pace with the vehicle.
The witness couldn’t think of any explanation for the powerful light as it was neither a plane nor helicopter. Thinking it to be a possible UFO, she began sending thoughts that she didn’t want to be harmed as she had a small child at home that needed her. The light faded and disappeared, only to suddenly reappear ahead and to the right side of the vehicle. She considered parking against old farm buildings in order to hide, but being on her own in remote country, decided to keep driving. The witness watched the light quickly fade to nothing, only to again reappear to the left of the vehicle, where it stayed until just before Gore was reached, when it finally disappeared.

The witness continued on to her destination in Mataura, a short distance south of Gore.

Date: Sunday 11 August 2013

Time: 00:30 am

Location: Outram, near Dunedin, South Island

Features/characteristics: triangular craft operating at high speed


Clear night, moon and stars visible. Duration of sighting approximately 30 seconds.

Two witnesses were sitting on the bridge just out of Outram. They were about to proceed back to their car when they observed a dull glow around them that they initially thought may have been a lightning flash or a series of lightning flashes in the sky. However, the dull glow then became a pink/blue strobing spotlight that grew in intensity, alternating at an estimated 100-200 hertz between the two colours, shining down and surrounding the two men with light for a few seconds.

An object surrounded by bright white light approached (from the west-southwest), moving directly overhead the witnesses at tree-top height and at a distance of some 10-20 metres from them. The light then tracked away out into the valley at high speed, climbing on a northerly heading, accompanied by a “whooshing” sound such as the wind makes. As it departed, the light surrounding it diminished revealing a triangular-shaped craft with a green glow underneath and a yellow light on top, its nose pointing up and away from the witness’s position on the bridge.
The craft departed up an adjacent valley, leaving a circular vapor ring behind it (similar to those made by aircraft going through the sound barrier), and this was followed by 3-4 more such rings before the craft was lost from view.

Both witnesses reported the moments directly following the sighting were the hardest to recall later, and both reported feeling groggy and physically tingly immediately following the event.

Full recollection of the event returned several hours afterward.

Date: Friday 9 August 2013

Time: 6:00 am

Location: Gladstone, Wairarapa, North Island

Features/characteristics: large speeding blue light with curved flight path


Clear starlit night, moon or wind. Duration of sighting approximately 2-3 seconds.

While driving to work and observing the early morning sky, the witness was suddenly confronted with a bright white/blue tinged round ball of light which appeared approximately 500m in front of him and at a height of approximately 200m. He estimated its size as being similar to that of a large people-mover vehicle, with the brilliancy lighting up the sky around the object.

The light then immediately departed at high speed, climbing at an approximate 40 degree angle on an easterly heading, and making a slight ‘s’ shaped curved flight path.

Date: Saturday 27 July 2013

Time: 8:30 pm

Location: Deanwell, Hamilton, North Island

Features/characteristics: bright orange light changing direction


Clear starlit night, with no wind. Duration of sighting approximately 90 seconds.

Two witnesses observed an intense bright orange light high in the sky on an initial west to east track. The light maintained an initial level flight path, was moving faster than a satellite and appeared to hover at one stage, before turning sharply onto a diagonally upward south-westerly track, increasing speed, and dimming in brilliancy before fading from view.

The light was estimated to be 5 km distant when nearest to the witnesses, and there was no associated sound.

Date: Saturday 27 July 2013

Time: 6.08pm

Location: Pahiatua, Tararua District, North Island

Features/characteristics: airborne object with bright red/orange glow


Conditions cloudy and calm, but clear view under and between thin and patchy clouds. Duration of sighting 3-4 minutes.

The witness went outside to get firewood when he became aware of a bright light less than 200 metres directly overhead. The object was very stable in the air and no noise was audible. It was approximately 15-20 metres wide, with a bright red and orange glow from the base which reflected on the ground and low clouds. It was circular, with a curved bowl-shape underneath, with a shallow angular top with point. The top was visible, but features were indistinct as the glow from the base dominated. Light from the base was stable and bright and alternated from red to orange in pulse. The witness called his wife, who also watched as the object went up into thin clouds and slowly disappeared to the east.

Date: Monday 21 July 2013

Time: 6:33 pm

Location: Auckland Central, North Island

Features/characteristics: dark round object appears from within a bright red light


Partly cloudy starlit night, bright moon and no wind. Duration of sighting approximately 2 minutes.

Two witnesses observed an intensely bright red light tracking in a south-north direction high in the sky above the Central City. The light flashed intermittently, as if weaving in and out of the few clouds in the sky. Around 45 seconds into the sighting, the bright light suddenly went out, but the witnesses could then clearly see a distinct round object, dull dark red in colour, making it stand out against the background sky. The witnesses watched for a further minute or so as the object continued overhead, maintaining a constant speed as it covered an arc in the sky, until finally disappearing into the horizon to the north. There was no sound associated with the object, but this could have been due to its distance from the witnesses. The reporting witness has an aviation background.

Date: Friday 19 July 2013

Time: 5.50 pm

Location: Trentham, Upper Hutt, Wellington, North Island

Features/characteristics: airborne object with bright orange/red lights.


Clear and calm. Dark blue sky, no wind.

When looking through her kitchen window, the witness observed a bright orange/red light over the eastern hill range which shot straight up above the hilltop into the night sky. It then started to travel at a slow but consistent speed on a westerly flight path, veering slightly south.
The witness and her son watched the object from their deck, and when it had come closer to their house there seemed to be a surge within it where the light flickered off and on, then went out completely; but because it was closer and the evening sky still dark blue, they saw that the object was a jet black colour and roundish in shape.

It continued its flight over the house, maintaining altitude and speed, but still with no light showing, and at that point it veered slightly south and was lost from view beyond rooftops.

Date: Tuesday 16 July 2013

Time: 6:57 pm

Location: Paihia, Bay of Islands, North Island

Features/characteristics: bright orange light


Clear night sky with stars visible and no wind. Duration of sighting approximately two minutes.

The witness, who has an extensive aviation background, observed a very bright orange light at an estimated altitude of 5000 feet, and some 15 kms distant. It was moving at a speed similar to that of a light aircraft and was on a west to east flight path tracking out into the bay. The light was large and distinct, maintaining a level flight path, steady brilliancy and size throughout the sighting period. As it moved into the distance it subsequently faded and disappeared from view in the matter of a few seconds. The witness knew it was not an aircraft or lantern.

Date: Sunday 14 July 2013

Time: between 6-6.15 am

Location: Faulkner’s Bush, Wakefield, Nelson, South Island

Features/characteristics: object surrounded by white light


Clear early morning; many stars visible, no moon. Duration of approx. sighting 5-10 seconds.

The witness was walking his dog through the Faulkner’s Bush Reserve when he noticed light flickering off the name/identification plates at the foot of each tree. He assumed the light was caused by car headlights, but could not see any vehicles.

Suddenly the witness found himself under an extremely bright white light, shining from directly above him, estimated at a height of 200-300 feet. His dog bolted in fear and the witness retreated under the trees and shaded his eyes to see what was causing the light. He was able to glimpse the faint outline of an object within the bright glow before it began to move slowly away, and then suddenly shot away at tremendous speed in a southerly arc. The object was silent.

The witness eventually found his frightened dog some 300 metres away. When the witness returned home at around 7.30 am, he went to sleep on the couch and did not wake until 1 pm. This was most unusual and out-of-character, but it has occurred three times since the sighting incident.

Date: Monday 8 July 2013

Time: 7:05 pm

Location: Blenheim, South Island

Features/characteristics: bright orange/red light


Clear starlit night, with no wind. Duration of sighting approximately 2 minutes.

The witness observed an extremely bright orange/red coloured light in the sky, tracking in a southwesterly direction at the speed of a jet aircraft. The light then changed track to the west, getting rapidly smaller until it disappeared from view.

The light came to within an estimated 5 km of the observer and had no observable navigation lights or landing lights.  The witness advised that it did not resemble an aircraft, as he sees these on a daily basis.

Date: Saturday 22 June 2013

Time: 9:48 pm

Location: Over Mt Victoria, Devonport, Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: slow moving very bright orange/red light


Mostly clear night sky with dark cloud to the west, and a large full moon visible. Duration of sighting approximately 90 seconds.

The witness observed a very bright dark orange/red glowing light high in the sky, moving from north to east at a speed similar to that of a small aircraft. There was no noise associated with the object. Due to the brightness of the light, the witness was unable to discern any shape. It maintained a level flight path until it disappeared into cloud above Rangitoto Island.

Date: between 1-8 June 2013

Time: approximately 5:00 pm

Location: Upper Hutt, North Island

Features/characteristics: slow moving ball of orange/red light


Cloudy sky with no wind. Duration of sighting approximately 3-4 minutes.

In the first week of June, the prime witness observed a bright orange/red ball of light north of his position heading in a southerly direction. As he continued to watch the light, several people and their children joined him to also observe the light as it moved across the sky on a somewhat erratic flight pattern. The size of the object was a bit bigger than a tennis ball but smaller than a plate held at arm’s length, and it had no associated noise. The witness believed it was definitely not an aircraft, helicopter, or Chinese lantern. The light maintained a constant brilliancy, and subsequently was observed to blink once and then disappeared into cloud.

Date: Saturday 25 May 2013

Time: 7:45 pm

Location: Paraparaumu, North Island

Features/characteristics: bright orange light


Cloudy sky. Duration of sighting unknown.

Two witnesses observed an orange light in the sky that resembled the underbelly of an aircraft glowing from the intense heat. The light was steady not flashing, and traveled steadily southward across the sky with no associated noise. The witnesses live close to the airport and so are familiar with aircraft regularly flying overhead, and the object was unlike any aircraft they have ever seen. When they magnified a photograph of the object, it looked as if there were 3 or 4 bright white lights within the orange glow. The object disappeared behind cloud cover well south of Paraparaumu.

Date: Wednesday 22 May 2013

Time: 8:05 pm

Location: Masterton, North Island

Features/characteristics: bright orange/red light


Clear starlight night, with a few clouds. Duration of sighting approximately 2 minutes.

Three witnesses observed a bright orange light that was moving across the sky in a straight line from north to south. It was moving at the height and speed similar to a helicopter. The light was then observed to have a red glowing circumference as it subsequently changed direction to a south easterly course, and disappeared from view. The object had no associated sound, and looked roughly the size of a tennis ball when held at arm’s length.

Date: Monday 20 May 2013

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: Park Island, Tamatea, Napier, North Island

Features/characteristics: right glowing amber light


Cloudy night sky, half moon, no wind. Duration of sighting approximately 5-7 minutes.

The witness and friend observed a bright amber glowing light that was moving very slowly tracking in a northwesterly direction. There were no flashing lights as an aircraft would have, and it did not change shape or flicker as it passed below the cloud base. The witnesses could hear and see an aircraft in the distance, but they could not hear any noise from the light. The light was large, reported as the size of the witness’s fist held at arm’s length.  As the witnesses were watching it, it disappeared, as if switched off.

The witnesses are in the flight path for Napier airport, and are familiar with aircraft operations day and night, and are certain the object was not an aircraft.

Date: Thursday 16 May 2013

Time: 9:15 pm

Location: Hamilton, North Island

Features/characteristics: bright orange lights at high altitude/high speed


Clear starlit night with no wind. Duration of sighting approximately 5-7 minutes.

Two witnesses observed two bright orange balls of light that appeared to be high up in the atmosphere. The witnesses were able to clearly discern the round shape of the lights. The lights moved at a steady speed in a westerly direction, before carrying out a half circle sweep in the sky, and then they proceeded in a south-easterly direction, disappearing at high speed.

Date: Thursday 16 May 2013

Time: 8:50-9:00 pm

Location: Dunedin, South Island

Features/characteristics: bright orange light moving at speed


Overcast sky, no moon and reasonable visibility. Duration of sighting approximately 5-10 minutes.

Four witnesses observed what at first resembled a very bright orange street light moving fast and upwards from the Dunedin Harbour area. They thought it may have been a helicopter taking off near the hospital, but its speed was faster, and it had no flashing lights. The light then moved to the south-west above the city, where it became stationary and the light dimmed, giving the impression it had changed its flight path to a south-easterly direction from the city. The witnesses estimated the light to be initially at an altitude of approximately 300 metres, rising to possibly a couple of kilometers as it dimmed and was lost from sight.

The reporting witness also stated that a flight path to the south-east is unusual, as there is nothing off the coast for thousands of kilometers.  During the sighting there was an aircraft operating to the north of the witnesses.

Ufocus NZ comment:  likely to have been a large lantern if it rose from near the harbour.

Date: Monday 13 May 2013

Time: 7.10 pm

Location: Stanmore Bay, Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: large orange light moving at speed


Clear sky, no wind and good visibility. Duration of sighting approximately 1 minute.

A witness observed a large bright orange light moving at speed across Stanmore Bay at roughly the altitude and speed a light aircraft would travel however there were no conventional aircraft light configurations. The light was heading north when the witness first spotted it, before it changed course and headed in a north north-westerly direction. Within seconds of changing direction the light took off at phenomenal speed and quickly disappeared.

Ufocus NZ comment:
The witness stated he had always been a skeptic of UFOs until this sighting. He also commented he was on the phone when he saw the light through a window, and the moment he exclaimed, the light changed course. He had the feeling the light somehow sensed his thoughts. This is an often-reported facet of sightings.

Date: Monday 13 May 2013

Time: around 7.00 pm

Location: Little Manly, Hibiscus Coast, Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: large orange light moving at speed


A clear night sky with stars and moon. Duration of sighting approximately 3 minutes.

Two witnesses observed a large orange ball of light moving at a slow steady speed from north to north east, at approximately the altitude of a light aircraft. At first the witnesses thought it must be a helicopter because of its altitude, however the light was completely silent.

The orange colour of the light remained constant and did not, flicker, blink, or flash. Although flying in a straight north to north east direction, the light moved in a zigzag manner while still holding its direction of travel. When the light was almost straight above the witnesses it accelerated straight up into the night sky and out of sight, accelerating at a phenomenal speed.

Date: Sunday 12 May 2013  

Time: 6.30-7.00 pm

Location: Mt Marua, Upper Hutt, North Island

Features/characteristics: large orange light moving at speed


Two witnesses were outside when they noticed a round bright orange light no more than 500 metres to 1 kilometre distant from them. They initially thought it was the moon rising until they realised it could not be the moon as it was too low, and the bright glow could be seen behind nearby pine trees.

The witnesses’ house is located on a hill and when they first saw the light through a big pine tree it seemed to as if it was initially on the valley floor. It made no sound.

The light rose to treetop height and began a series of movements, moving sideways, upwards, and then from left to right and at times hovered. It moved across the valley in front of the witnesses at the speed of a helicopter, and then increased speed faster than anything the witnesses had ever seen before, taking off southwards towards Wellington. It was soon lost from view because of the speed was travelling.

The witnesses described the light as being “bigger than a basketball in the sky” and “looked the size of a low full moon close-up.”  Following the sighting the witnesses noticed they could hear the cows in the paddock below in the valley were unsettled and making a noise.

Date: Sunday 5 May 2013

Time: 3:00 am

Location: Parua Bay, Whangarei, North Island

Features/characteristics: lights/object at low altitude


Clear starlit night, no moon or wind. Duration of sighting approximately 30-40 seconds.

The witness observed two white lights that resembled car headlights come over an adjacent hill and fly directly towards her. The lights were at a low altitude and passed over some trees and then directly overhead, traveling east to west at the speed of a light aircraft.   After passing overhead, the witness could see the object left a trail behind it similar to a glowing exhaust. There was no sound associated with the sighting.

Date: Saturday 27 April 2013

Time: 8:30-9:00 pm

Location: Howick, Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: bright orange/red light at low altitude


Clear starlit night, with a full moon and a moderate southerly breeze. Duration of sighting approximately 3-4 minutes.

The witness initially observed a bright, solid orange/red light at low altitude, that he assumed was a low flying light aircraft or helicopter, although the colour was unusual and there were no associated flashing lights. The light had a speed similar to that of a light aircraft.  As the light passed over him, he could see that the light had an oval or possibly triangular shape, but made no noise. The light then rapidly diminished in size and disappeared to the north-east.

Date: Thursday 25 April 2013  

Time: 8.00 pm

Location: Titirangi, Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: large orange light passes under aircraft


Perfectly clear sky, stars, full moon, and no wind. Duration of sighting 2-3 minutes.

Several witnesses (three adults and children) noticed an A300 Emirates jet passing over their house. The reporting witness stated the aircraft was lower than they normally are on this flight path, but it is not uncommon. What caught the witness’s attention initially was that the jet was fully lit up, all landing lights under the fuselage were illuminated and they commented they had never seen an aircraft lit up like this before when passing over their house. It did not have its landing gear down as it was climbing in altitude.

The witnesses then noticed a large intensely bright orange light/object heading straight towards the right-hand underside of the aircraft, and it looked as if the two would collide. The orange light/object passed underneath the jet at an altitude of around 500 feet and continued in its easterly direction, not gaining any speed, while the jet kept climbing. The jet was travelling west to east, having departed Auckland airport, and the object was on a more north-westerly to east path.

The orange light/object was intensely bright, and maintained a constant direction and altitude. The reporting witness stated he is used to aircraft from the airport passing overhead and is very familiar with the Eagle helicopter, and knows different aircraft by the distinctive sounds they make. This light/object made no sound. The light/object appeared to be disc-shaped, but its brightness made this hard to determine whether it was an orb or disc.

The reporting witness estimated the speed of the light/object to be approximately 50 km/h and it took some time before it passed out of view. After about 3 minutes the light increased in speed and went out of sight over the New Lynn area towards the CBD.
The witness estimated the light was approximately 3 to 4 m wide (about the size of a small aircraft), which he estimated by comparing its size against the fuselage of the aircraft.

The witness stated: “I keep replaying in my mind why the A30 aircraft was so illuminated at the time, as this was very unusual. I wondered whether this was because the brightness of the object had eliminated the underside of the aircraft, or whether the aircraft had put all its exterior lights on as they had seen the object was nearing them and they were attempting to light up the fuselage so the object would avoid a collision. The (low) altitude of an aircraft this size also surprised me and I thought maybe it had altered its trajectory to avoid a collision. I do not know, this is just a theory, and I’m still blown away by what we saw.”

Ufocus NZ comment: the reporting witness as a serving New Zealand police officer.

Date: Saturday 20 April 2013  

Time: 10.10 pm

Location: East Tamaki Heights, Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: large disc-shaped object with orange and green lights


A clear still evening. Duration of sighting less than 20 seconds.

A witness observed a disc-shaped object which suddenly appeared at low altitude in an easterly direction. He observed a cloud form in an otherwise clear sky, from which the object seemed to have emerged. The object had alternating orange and green lights (two orange, one green repeated) around the circumference, which were constant in brilliance and not flashing. For a few seconds the object hovered and then disappeared, as if all the lights had suddenly ‘switched off’.

Date: Friday 19 April 2013

Time: 9.30 pm

Location: Feilding, North Island

Features/characteristics: formations of white and red lights


Cloudy, windy night; stars and moon visible. Duration of sightings approximately 10 minutes.

Two witnesses initially observed a group of 4-5 white lights moving on a north to south track towards Palmerston North. The group of lights appeared to be at a similar height to aircraft they could see operating at Palmerston North Airport. However the lights were much brighter than the aircraft or stars observed, and had no associated noise.
The 4-5 lights were positioned in a straight line and pulsed in sequence while tracking on a slight downward flight path. At one stage the lights disappeared then reappeared in a different position, which could have been due to passing behind clouds. This part of the sighting lasted approximately 30 seconds.

Approximately 2-3 minutes later, the witnesses observed a group of 8 red lights that were much dimmer in brilliance than the first group, and in a zig-zag formation that appeared to be stationary. The red lights were about the size of stars and appeared to be east of Feilding. They were accompanied to their left by a much brighter single white light that would pulse, disappear, then reappear and pulse in the same position. After several minutes, and changing position only very slightly, these lights subsequently faded from view.

Date: Friday 19 April 2013

Time: 7.30 pm

Location: Greytown, Wairarapa, North Island

Features/characteristics: slow moving red/orange light


Cloudy night with stars visible. Duration of sighting approximately 5 minutes.

Two witnesses observed an unusual red/orange light in the sky to the east-northeast of their house. The light was at an approximate elevation of 70 degrees, and was brighter and larger than any star or planet. There was no associated noise. The light was not flashing, but its intensity fluctuated somewhat, as if it was alternating its direction from side to side. It appeared to have a level flight path, and moved steadily across the sky in a SE to NW direction, until it disappeared behind or into cloud.

Date: Saturday 6 April 2013

Time: between 10.15-10.30 pm

Location: Forrest Hill, Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: two separate red lights


Calm weather, no wind. Duration of sighting up to 60 seconds.

Three witnesses observed two separate red lights, travelling from southeast to northeast over South Auckland and on over the North Shore. The witnesses stated the lights were brighter and slightly larger than a bright star or planet.

The lights were constant, not flashing, and seemed to come from a single source. They were definitely separate as one changed course whilst overhead, and climbed in altitude until its light appeared dim and finally disappeared, taking only a second or two. The second light continued on a northeasterly course.  No aircraft noise was heard.

Date: Friday 5 April 2013

Time: 9.45 pm

Location: Cannons Creek, Porirua, Wellington, North Island

Features/characteristics: large orange light moving at speed


Clear starry sky, good visibility. Duration of sighting approximately 1 minute.

Two witnesses were outside when they observed a “huge” bright orange glowing light in the sky at roughly the altitude one would see a helicopter, which at first they thought it was a plane on fire. They stared at the light for a good 40 seconds and could not see any lights flashing as they would normally see on a passing aircraft. The witnesses described the look or movement of the light as “unstable”.  The light travelled in a curving, half-circle path at the speed of an aircraft for a further 20 seconds or so, and then shot up into the sky at phenomenal speed until it was just a dot, and disappeared from view.

Date: Wednesday 27 March 2013

Time: 8 .00 pm

Location: Hauraki Gulf, Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: large bright orange light/multiple witnesses


Clear sky, light westerly wind less than 5 knots. Duration of sighting 25 minutes.

Four witnesses were involved in this sighting. The reporting witness stated:
“My friends and I had been out fishing for the day on the Hauraki Gulf around Rakino Island and the Noises. We were returning to Okahu boat ramp around 8 PM, shortly after sunset. We were between Motutapu Island and Motuihe Island when we first saw the object, which appeared as an orange light, very similar to any high pressure sodium street light in Auckland city, at an altitude I would estimate at between 500-1000 feet. The light was stationary and above Mt Wellington/Otuhuhu (estimated using Google Earth from our position and flight paths of aircraft landing at Auckland airport) (approximately 10-15 kilometres from the witness’s position).

After approximately 5 minutes, the light became steadily brighter until it was by far the most brilliant light in the sky. It was almost as if someone was shining an orange spotlight at us from a distance. It remained at this intensity for around 5 minutes before slowly fading out to the point where it was barely visible. It remained dull for another 5 minutes before slowly turning back on to the intensity of a bright street light. It was completely motionless throughout the entire sighting and we finally lost sight of it as we came close to land inside Auckland Harbour and it became obscured.

We had a clear visual line with the object for over 25 minutes. At this time we observed at least 10 aircraft landing at Auckland airport. The object/light was at a similar height to planes beginning their final approach, and the aircraft descended past the object as they came in to land. One aircraft was observed to pass behind the light as it approached and it was momentarily obscured by the light. Three helicopters were also seen over Auckland city during the sighting.”

The object was definitely neither conventional aircraft nor helicopter. No strobing lights were seen at all on or around the light. We could see the red light on the One Tree Hill obelisk (as a visual reference) and the object was several hundred feet higher than this.”

Some of the witnesses were highly skeptical at first, commenting that the light would start flashing soon, that it was a helicopter, or that it only appeared stationary because it was coming straight towards them, however when the light became very bright, faded out, and then returned to brilliance while still remaining stationary, they were very confused as to what they were observing. All witnesses admitted it was the strangest thing they had ever seen.


Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 March 2013.  Two incidents occurred in the Dome Valley, north of Warkworth, North Island, involving the close proximity sighting of a triangular (air)craft.  Read article:

‘Sightings of ‘Black Triangle’ (Air)Craft in New Zealand, 2013’

Date: Sunday 17 February 2013

Time: 12.56 am

Location: Marybank, Nelson, South Island

Features/characteristics: large red ball of light


Clear weather conditions. Duration of sighting around 1 minute.

Two witnesses observed a large red ball approaching Marybank, from the direction of the boulder bank of Nelson Harbour.  They described the red light as “huge”, and equivalent to a fist or tennis ball held out at arm’s length. There was no sound associated with the light.

The witnesses watched the light approach at around the altitude a helicopter would travel. It became stationary for a few seconds at this altitude above their house on Marybank Road, before shooting straight upwards into the atmosphere at “tremendous speed”. Within a few seconds it had become a pinprick, and then no longer visible.

Date: Saturday 9 February 2013

Time: around midnight

Location: Okura, North Shore, Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: orange/red glowing orb of light


Clear visibility, no wind, some stars. Duration of sighting 35 seconds.

Three witnesses witnessed an orange red ball of light passing slowly and silently across the sky from West to north north-east, from Redvale towards Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

The witnesses described the ball of light as looking like “a glowing orb.”  They first sighted the light when it appeared over a ridge covered with trees some 400 m away from them.

Date: Friday 1 February 2013

Time: 10:00pm

Location: Levin, North Island

Features/characteristics: large red ball of light


Clear night with moon and stars visible. Duration of sighting approximately 2 minutes.

Four witnesses initially saw a large stationary red light, low on the eastern horizon. The light then disappeared from view only to reappear some 10 seconds later higher in the sky, ascending slowly upwards on a vertical flight path.
Using binoculars, one of the witnesses could discern that the ball of light was alternating between the colours red, orange and white, and estimated the light to be approximately 1 mile distant.

After approximately 10 seconds of ascending vertically, the ball of light then hovered for some 20 seconds, before slowly proceeding north-east towards the Tararua Ranges on a horizontal flight path, fading in brilliance as it disappeared from view.

NB. During the sighting period, the witness’s cat was noticed looking at the large ball of light, became unsettled, and appeared to be trying to hide from it.

Date: Sunday 13 January 2013

Time: 10:30pm – 10:43pm

Location: Auckland Harbour, North Island

Features/characteristics: bright orange lights


Overall clear sky with patchy cloud and some high level haze. Some stars visible. Duration of sightings approximately 45-50 seconds each.

While kayak fishing, the witness initially observed two bright orange lights appear approximately 15 degrees above the horizon from a westerly position tracking northwards. The lights appeared to be equidistant to each other and rotating clockwise in relation to each other. The lights were brighter than Venus brilliancy, had a constant intensity, and did not flicker. They were estimated to be approximately initially 2000 feet high, and they continued on an upward trajectory, subsequently decreasing in brilliance, and to disappear at high altitude.

Some 5 minutes later, the witness noticed a single orange light appear in the same position as the first sighting, with the same brilliancy characteristics, follow the same flight trajectory, and disappear in the same manner and position as the first sighting. Approximately 8 minutes later, another two similar orange lights appeared at the same initial position, and these behaved in the same manner as the previous two sightings. There was no noise associated with the three sightings.

After observing these sightings, the witness also observed the rapid white burning light of a shooting star, later followed by the lights of an airliner approaching to land at Auckland airport. These two events gave the witness a comparison for colour and light/track perspective in relation to the movements of the orange lights sighted.

The witness is a current helicopter pilot, and also has a military background. All the sightings had the same brilliancy and flight trajectory characteristics, and the witness’s aviation experience allowed him to discount the possibility that the orange lights may have been Chinese lanterns, aircraft carrying out unusual manoeuvres, or launched projectiles/rockets.

Ufocus NZ Comment: Similar sightings are currently occurring right across Australia.


Date: Friday 11th January 2013

A soldier with the Royal New Zealand Artillery, and three other witnesses sighted a disc-shaped object with flashing coloured lights, which changed to the appearance of an orange light as it sped away.  We are withholding further details at present for research purposes.

Date: Saturday 5 January 2013

Time: 9.45 pm

Location: Newtown/Berhampore, Wellington, North Island

Features/characteristics: large bright orange ball of light


Clear starry night, windless conditions. Duration of sighting 2 to 3 minutes.

Witness’s illustration

The witness had just gone out the front door of his home when he saw a huge bright orange ball of light becoming brighter in the sky. At first he thought it was a firework, but it remained large and bright in one part of the sky and did not explode.

The light then began to rise upwards, before beginning to travel horizontally across the sky at a consistent speed and height. It made no sound.  At this time the light was red/orange around the circumference with a lighter orange/yellow on the inside. The witness called out to another person in his home to come and see it as well. The light now appeared completely orange/red as it travelled across the sky in a southward direction until it became too small to see. The light pulsed twice as it disappeared into the distance.

Initially the light travelled from the direction of Kilbirnie towards Berhampore (North East to South West), and gained height as it went towards Island Bay (southward).

Date: Thursday 3 January 2013

Time: before and just after midnight

Location: Levin, Horowhenua, North Island

Features/characteristics: large orange ball of light


Clear visibility. Duration of sighting approximately 20 seconds.

The witness was sitting out the back of his house, which overlooks the Tararua Ranges, when he noticed a large orange ball of light appear high above the hills. The light was moving in a north-south direction at about the speed of a jetliner.

The witness used a 4×40 hunting rifle optic to look at the object, which was bright orange centre surrounded by a dimmer, but still bright orange glow. The light continued this way for around 15 seconds, when it began to pulse in intensity as it disappeared into the distance. As the light pulsed, the glow surrounding it pulsed in a similar manner, which the witness described as a “pulsing wave of orange light.”