Ufocus NZ networks with the public, groups/organizations, researchers and professionals worldwide.

Ufocus NZ investigates New Zealand UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings and UAPs (unusual aerial phenomena), creating a research database and New Zealand archive.

When appropriate, we confer with aviation consultants, astronomers and other professionals to assist in our investigations.

We support the idea that some UFOs are advanced craft piloted by non-human intelligences given their characteristics of flight that defy current explanation in terms of physics, however we also maintain that many sightings can be explained by the misidentification of known objects or aircraft.

Ufocus NZ offers:


  • UFO /UAP sighting report investigations and witness interviews
  • Aviation sighting report investigations
  • Research data collection, analysis and dissemination


  • Confidential support and information for those who have experienced UFO sightings and encounters
  • Ufocus NZ respects confidentiality and privacy
  • Contact with non-human intelligences is often reported as a part of UFO sightings/close encounters.  For support and information, you can discuss these incidents with Ufocus NZ staff, or contact


  • National & international group/conference lectures and presentations
  • Educational talks to schools and community groups
  • Media interviews


  • Speeches and lectures
  • General information and/or referrals
  • Archive of NZ UFO sightings & related events
  • Archive of historic NZ UFO bulletins, books, magazines, newspaper clippings, videos etc