All sighting reports, photographs, drawings, and articles on this website are copyright (c) UFOCUS NZ. The extent of our investigation and analysis of sighting reports is dependent upon the data provided by witnesses, and the time that has elapsed between the sighting event and our receipt of a report. Historic reports are welcome, even if the data is limited, as these may contain details that corroborate other sightings from that time period.

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The revival of UFO sightings archives

Recent revelations that UFOs are “real”, from the USA in particular, are not news to active and dedicated UFO sighting investigators worldwide, many of whom have suffered long under a cloud of accusations from contact theorists of having a purely “nuts-and-bolts” approach to sightings.  This criticism may be valid considering some early contacts associated with UFO sighting events were simply ignored or disbelieved, and therefore lost, however much of the archival sighting material has been meticulously recorded and illustrated over many decades.

With all the hype happening at present concerning UFO sightings by pilots and military personnel, it is likely the public will become increasingly interested in UFO sighting archives worldwide.  When the public-at-large finally decide to look into the UFO topic seriously, will it be the contact data or the sightings data they go for?  I think most will start with the less challenging wealth of UFO sighting information, and I say this from having a foot in both “camps” as a sighting investigator and as a contact experiencer.  There is much to be learned scientifically, technologically, socially and psychologically from these records.

While some researchers scurry to keep up with and publicize “official releases” of US pilot/military information, other long-time researchers and investigators are dusting off their archival material, realizing the treasure-troves of historic and up-to-the-present-day UFO sighting data they have on file.  Aviation and military personnel have always been considered high-credibility witnesses, however so too are such witnesses as farmers, truck drivers, and police.

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